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Randy Smith (pictured above with the faculty of ETS) recently returned from a trip to Africa to negotiate new programs to train youth workers on that continent. While he was there he met with the leadership of the Evangelical Theological College. Pending expected final approval by the college’s Board of Directors, the college president and administration unanimously approved what will be the country’s first and only Master’s degree in evangelical church youth ministry.

The program is expected to begin during the summer of 2018 with 15-20 students. By 2020, most of the students, upon graduation, will begin teaching at the Bachelor level at ETC and several other Christian colleges throughout the country. The evangelical denomination served by ETC has more than 8 million members and 10 thousand churches. 71% of Ethiopia’s 100 million people are under the age of 30, and 45% are under the age of 15.

They need youth workers in their churches.

This is where YMI comes in by “training the trainers” of youth workers for the local churches. The denomination was originally started through the work of the Sudan Inland Mission (SIS) now called Serving In Missions. Dozens of missionaries gave their lives to start this work in Ethiopia. After many years of communist control and persecution, Ethiopia, whose Christian heritage can be traced back to the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts chapter 8, once again has a secular government with freedom of religion.

YMI is privileged to partner at this time in history to reach out to Ethiopia’s more than 71 million youth under the age of 30.

Please join us in praying for this great opportunity and somber responsibility the God has given us!

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