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Hi, my name is Brian Yong and I live in Penang, Malaysia. I serve with my Youth Pastor, Daniel Loh in our church  (Georgetown Baptist Church) and our youth ministry called 412 (1 Timothy 4:12) since I was 13 years old. I used to be a very timid, reserved and quiet boy who disliked coming to youth service. Growing up in a season where my family was going through a very bad financial situation as a teen made it even more difficult to be open-minded to things of God. One of the strengths of our 412 Youth Ministry is relationship building. I became more open through our small group activities and discussion with my other fellow youth friends during youth service. Sports on Sundays, playing captain ball and frisbee helped a lot too. We also have volunteer youth workers, whom I looked up to when I was younger, who persevered in trying to connect with me, even though I was very passive in my response.

Pastor Daniel also invested time with youths like me, having supper together, going for a run, going for outdoor activities like camping and fishing trips. He never failed to bring God into our discussion. He is my youth pastor, my buddy, and my mentor. All these helped break the ice, foster friendship and crafted a model for me to follow in making a connection with people and building relationships with others. The 412 Youth Ministry also helped me to see that God is more than interested to have a relationship with us, and He did so through this youth ministry modeling of relationship building. Through 412, God led me out of my shell and groomed me. Following the footsteps of my seniors in our youth ministry, I learned to lead small groups when I was 16. 412 has helped me in my journey of faith with God and I am definitely a better son to my parents and a better older brother to my 3 other younger siblings because of 412, the people and the ministry – a product of the curriculum of Youth Ministry International. Today, I actively serve as a lay leader in the 412 youth ministry, a worship leader, and a core member of the Young Adults ministry leadership. Praise God for His grace and love for us!

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