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Hi, my name is Max Soon. and I live in Penang, Malaysia. I serve with my Youth Pastor, Daniel Loh, in our church  (Georgetown Baptist Church) and our youth ministry called 412 (1 Timothy 4:12).  As a teenager, I think 412 helped me by putting me in a community of people of the same generation that is guided by biblical values. I think it has shown me an alternative to what I may have been exposed to in school and that Christian youth can be fun yet not compromising in certain values. I think this was also possible because 412 youth has given me guidance through adult leaders who watched over me and set good examples.

Perhaps the other biggest impact it had on me was that it helped me to develop a better sense of leadership and to remember to look out for other people. Youth ministry has been an important part in my growth into adulthood, teaching me responsibilities and what a Christian community can be without compromising values.

I truly want to thank my youth pastor, Daniel Loh, and the training of Youth Ministry International for all the work and investment in my life.

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