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Hi, my name is Sean Tan and I live in Penang, Malaysia. I serve with my Youth Pastor, Daniel Loh, in our church  (Georgetown Baptist Church) and our youth ministry called 412 (1 Timothy 4:12).  Being in 412 and under the leadership of Pastor Daniel has helped me in many ways. Firstly, it helped develop my understanding of the Bible and of God under a structured youth program that focused on grounding its leaders with cell groups, bible studies and ensuring the leaders had good access to resources plus help from seniors.

Secondly, I learned to become a better leader through this process. Being in 412 gave me many opportunities to organize events, communicate with people, as well as present ideas in a safe environment. By doing so, I learned how to lead groups of people in doing various activities, function coherently in high-pressured situations, adapt to obstacles that presented themselves suddenly, and learned how to deal with failure or when things did not go as planned. In addition, I also learned how to lead my own life by being responsible for my actions, being able to plan ahead, and being disciplined enough to motivate myself to carry out tasks even when I didn’t feel like it.

Thirdly I have learned to become a better person. Being in 412 made me learn that to be a leader, a Christian, and a person is to be patient, kind, not self-seeking, slow to anger, and selfless. Through various experiences in this group such as helping to build toilets in the jungle as part of the ministry involving the indigenous people of Malaysia, to mentoring younger teenagers, under the guidance of Daniel and his leaders, I was able to see how to act humbly and be compassionate to those around you. Having Daniel and leaders in 412 put their time and effort into mentoring me and newer generations of leaders have truly been a blessing, allowing us to set examples for others and for ourselves regardless of age. Thank you Youth Ministry International for investing in my youth pastor, who invested in me!

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