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Over 50% of the world’s population, and therefore the world’s youth, live in ONE region of the world…. ASIA!  In countries like CHINA, INDIA, NEPAL, MYANMAR (Burma), MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, THAILAND, PAKISTAN, CAMBODIA, and VIETNAM, where the gospel is restricted by religious extremists and restrictive governments, live the vast majority of the world’s unreached peoples.
This year YMI’s staff made contact with church leaders in 6 Asian countries, who have invited us to come discuss and negotiate a program to “train the trainers” of youth workers for their evangelical churches. What a privilege, honor, and challenge. For security reasons, I cannot be specific about the exact people and places involved in these negotiations.  However, I am asking all to pray about the trips and negotiations that are being carried out between now and the Fall of this year, as very important decisions will be made that will determine the direction YMI takes regarding these opportunities. This summer I will literally be traveling completely around the earth to meet with strategic leaders in many of these countries. These are critical days as we look to the future of YMI’s expanding ministry. Thank you for your continued support through prayer and financial giving!  Blessing to you all !  
Randy Smith, President/Founder – YMI. 

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