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Do you remember being a kid and getting ready for a race? You’re prepared to run when inevitably there is someone who tells you to wait because they have to tie a shoe or do something. You wait and wait (not so patiently) until it’s time for the race to begin. 

Well, being a missionary appointee is a little like that. You’re ready. You think you’re set. And then you have one more thing to wait on. Just when you think you’re ready, you are asked to wait…again.

We currently have three appointee families who are in that process. They feel ready. They are set. And yet, there are some things they are waiting on in order to be released to go to the field. We are all working hard to get them to the field, but we could use your prayers!

The Reyes family recently obtained Mexican citizenship for their daughters, sold their house and all their furniture, left their home in Lynchburg, Virginia, and are attending cross-cultural training school at the Center for Intercultural Training in North Carolina. They have prepared and are ready to go, but they are waiting to go to the field until the rest of their monthly support is provided. 

The Hinton family is also working hard at getting to the Romania. They have registered for their cross-cultural training school at Mission Training International in Colorado and will be attending there this fall. They have seen God do incredible things in the last few months, and are also waiting for God to provide the rest of their needed support. 

The Patterson family feels burdened to help adolescent orphans. They have been studying the Scripture, developing ministry plans, and sharing their vision with others. Micah has even traveled to Ukraine to meet with church leaders about the possibility of starting a pilot program there. They, too, are waiting on needed funds in order to fully begin their ministry.

As you know, waiting is not always an easy task. Most of us are impatient and want to hurry up, but sometimes God asks us to wait. We work as hard as we can but trust God’s timing in the process. 

Will you pray for each of our appointee families as they wait on God’s timing? Pray that God will give them patience and that He will lead them to the right people to be on their support team. Pray that He will send them out into His harvest field when the time is right, and pray that they will be encouraged during the process.

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