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My name is Samuel Agboifo, I am fifteen years old and I live in Nigeria, West Africa. My father is a pastor and my mum also serves with him in our church. I play the drums in my church and I also sing in the church choir. My future ambition is to be a lawyer, but not just to bear the name/title, but to set the oppressed free, make the less- privileged have a say in my country and to be a role model to coming generations. The name of my discipler is Professor Mrs. Esther Ayandokun. She is a God-fearing woman. I can say this because of the way she is discipling me. The Holy Spirit has really revealed Himself through her. We started this discipleship relationship in August of 2018 and this relationship has been majorly based on the Word of God. One of the lessons that I learned from this discipleship training/relationship is the fact that serving God is a sacrifice. This touched and convicted me in the area of my service to God, because I had started becoming lazy in the areas in which I could be serving God in my church.

When my mum first old me about this relationship and discipleship training program, I was not really interested. However, as  I pondered on those words from my mum God spoke to me and revealed that this training was meant for me and reminded me that He had plans for my life. After this, I immediately went to my mum and told her I would really like to go for the training. My mum was so happy and she immediately called Professor Ayandokun. We set up a time to begin meeting. I am very happy that I made myself available for the discipleship training and I know I will never regret this experience. I am really very grateful to God and my mentor, Rev Professor Ayandokun.

“I thank Professor Esther Ayandokun for considering my teenage son for this discipleship program and I thank God that I did not object to her request. I am really grateful to God.” (Samuel’s mother)

Professor Esther Ayandokum is a student at the Nigeria Baptist Theological Seminary where she is taking YMI sponsored courses at NBTS. She will graduate with a Masters’ Degree in Youth Ministry in June of 2019. Esther was applying the discipleship training she learned while taking the Youth Disciplship program under professor Frank Mills, one of YMI’s teaching team members. After graduation, Esther will start teaching the YMI course curriculum in seminaries and Bible Colleges in Nigeria.

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