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Wow, what a wonderful inspiring time we all had together in the beautiful land of South Dakota! Thirty-six members of the YMI family met together for 6 days in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota for a time of fellowship, inspiration, challenge, strategy, and just plain ole fun! Hosted by YMI trainers, Mike and Judy Manna, who are from the South Dakota region, our YMI trainers, administrative staff and board members rejoiced as we all listened to the reports about what God has been doing in the various YMI ministry fields around the world. We prayed, cried, laughed, and played together!
Dr. David Sills and his wife Mary, leaders of the “Reaching and Teaching” Mission support-consulting ministry, blessed our entire team for one day of our time together. What a joy to have the Sills with us as they challenged us how to be more effective as missionaries as well as how to walk closer to God and maintain great relationships with our spouses and children! We went away unified, challenged and determined to do our part toward the job of reaching and discipling the World’s young people! Thanks to all who prayed for our 3rd annual YMI team Summit. It was a great success!
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