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Yusufu is one of the students in the youth ministry program at Nassa Theological College in Tanzania. Frank Mills traveled there to teach Youth Camps and Mission Trips. A few weeks ago, Yusufu wrote Frank and asked him to pray for a youth conference he was planning.

Here was his email to Frank:
“As I told you that we have a conference for youth the students of Secondary schools here Geita. We have prepared it and now the students are going to report to the camp on 13th. Please, as you pray continue to keep us in prayers. The topics which are going to be taught are: Dreams and Visions in Youth perspectives, The Holy Spirit for Youth, the power of Prayers in Youth, Academic Excellence. Apart from these program, we have examination which I prepared them by giving them the guidelines for studying the whole book of Colossians 4 month before this event and be ready for an examination during the conference period. I have prepared the Cinema and have youth movies, we have games like singing and Sports. The winners will be rewarded. This is the first and big conference of Youth since I have taken Youth Ministry International Program. Please pray for me and the whole event.”

Frank forwarded this email to our staff, and we began praying for Yusufu and the event he would be coordinating. We were overjoyed when we received the following update from Tanzania and wanted to share it with you.

“Dear servants of God,
Praise the risen Lord Jesus Christ! Greetings from Geita Tanzania, Bwana Yesu Asifiwe! I hope you had good time to celebrate Easter. I’m doing well. We had wonderful time to lead the regional youth student conference. We had 398 youth those who attended in the camp. 78 Youth gave their life to Jesus, glory to God!!!

We also had a good time counseling. Indeed we appreciate your prayers for this event and our ministry to youth. The youth have already returned to their school.

I have attached some photos:
In the first photo (below) I was leading youth to Christ.

In the second photo (below) I was with my wife Helen with the other teachers of the conference during the worship service at Nyankumbu Girls High School.

The third photo is one of the youth choir singing in traditional style during the competition.

I hope you will continue to pray for our ministry here in Tanzania.”

Join with us in rejoicing and praying for Yusufu and the other students as they finish up their coursework and graduate in July.

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