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Hi, my name is Yusufu Malahu. I live in the Geita region of Northwestern Tanzania.

I am one of the graduates of the first youth ministry degree program at Nassau Theological College in 2017, sponsored by Youth Ministry International (picture below). After graduation from the YMI program, I was appointed to be the Geita Regional Secondary School Student Pastor on behalf of the Tanzanian Christian Council. I am very thankful to God, to NTC and to the YMI professors. I am excited to share some of the results of my youth ministry training. As a result of the YMI course; “Camps and Retreats and Missions” taught by Frank Mills, I organized an event called the Easter Conference in 2018. Professor Mills played a significant role in equipping me to organize and lead this student evangelistic event.

Our conference started on March 28 and ended on April 2nd, 2018, in the city of Geita, Tanzania. The event was held at the Golden Ridge High School, and the theme of the conference was “Youth be Aware of the Last Days,” based on the scripture passage 1 Timothy 3:1-10.  Of the 133 high schools in my region, 90 sent student representatives.  I am excited to share that the total number of students attending was 520, along with 4 pastors, 6 teachers, and 2 nurses. I was able to share the Gospel, and I am praying for ongoing results that will lead to many salvation decisions! Thanks again to the YMI team for providing the training I received! God Bless, Yusufu.

Tanzania Graduates. Yusufu is on far left in the blue shirt; Frank Mills is kneeling in Front.

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