Cuban D. Min Program

Leaders Request Program

Havana Baptist Theological Seminary

Dr Randy Smith, President and Founder of Youth Ministry International recently received the following request for a leader at the Havana Baptist Theological Seminary.

Brother Randy,

As for the offer of a doctorate in Ministry of Education (with a focus on youth ministry), it is more than a wonderful idea, it is a dream that we long to see fulfilled. I have been chatting with Barbaro, Lesa and others on the subject, and everyone seems to think it is a very good idea. We all agree to suggest that you consider the possibility of starting the program in the course for 2019-2020.

Blessing, Abdiel

Please pray with us as we discuss this exciting opportunity. The fact that it is being requested by the leadership of the seminary is refreshing and encouraging. They have caught the vision for reaching youth in Cuba. The potential for training more trainers will be greatly enhanced with the addition of this degree program.

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