Financial Support

Our ministry would not be possible without the prayer and financial support of people like you.

As important as financial support is for our ministry, we desire your prayers more than anything.
Your prayers and support make a difference!

Each of our Team Trainers is dependent on the support of concerned churches and individuals to help make their ministries possible. The various Centers for Youth Ministry and Special Projects we have in the countries in which we serve also rely on your support in order to have the greatest impact. And General Funds are always needed to cover home office costs and general expenses.

Thank you for considering partnering with us
as we pursue the vision and goals God has provided for us.

Help Support One Of Our Missionary Trainers

Based on the past two years of ministry,
for every $100 donated to our general operating fund:

Youth leaders will be trained

Youth will be saved/discipled

Youth will join a weekly discipleship ministry of a YMI-trained youth leader