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What was 2020 for YOU?

A Year of Crying, or a Year of Laughing?
A Year of Frowning, or a Year of Smiling?
A Year of Cursing, or a Year of Blessing?
A Year of Screaming, or a Year of Cheering?
A Year of Regretting, or a Year of Reflecting?
A Year of Forgetting, or a Year of Remembering?
A Year of Retreating, or a Year of Advancing?
A Year of Doubting, or a Year of Trusting?
A Year of Fear, or a Year of Faith?


What will it be for you, and what will it be for YMI?

Either way, the new wave of 2021 is here, and it will clear and cleanse the 2020 sands of time. So, together we MUST re-write a new story in the 2021 sands of time… leaving behind the Past and looking to the Future.

The apostle Paul wrote a letter from prison in Rome in the late mid-1st century after going through what had to be a very stressful year. A year that featured a trial for treason, being a prisoner in Jerusalem, shipwrecked, locked up chained to a Roman Guard, cast in a dungeon facing another trial and a sentence of be-heading for worshiping Jesus as Lord and King! Could this be one of Paul’s ‘2020′ years from Hell?

Hmmm… maybe to us, but not likely to Paul.

Again, this letter, the book of Philippians to the church at Philippi, was written from prison while facing beheading. In this letter, Paul used the word “Joy” or “Rejoice” 16 times! Wow! No whining, no complaining, but Joy and Rejoicing.  You see, Paul did not have “backward” failure-vision, he had “forward” victory-vision.

Paul wrote the following words to the Christians in Philippi:

“Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”
(Philip. 3:13 NIV)

As difficult as 2020 was for all of us, regarding the progress of the ministry of YMI, we can only REFLECT AND REJOICE and look toward 2021 with a spirit of EXPANSION AND EXPECTATION! Below is WHY!

YMI reasons for Reflection and Rejoicing in 2020

In spite of lockdowns on travel and many teaching/training classes, our national youth leaders and trainers were able to keep up their main work – training youth leaders, winning young people to Christ and enlisting them into discipleship groups in the local church.

The Statistics sited below show the total gains just in 2020, and the Grand Totals since YMI started keeping these statistics. In every category except one (the number of new students taking academic classes caused by the closing of schools due to the Covid Pandemic) the increase was HIGHER than the same categorical increase in 2019. Amazing! A God-Thing!

Ministry Category2020 (Increase)Grand Total
Countries involved in training+437
Churches with YMI training+1,35011,443
National leaders teaching+74225
Students in academic Courses-501,064
Graduates from academic programs+3311,893
 Church youth workers trained+5,62234,797
Youth in churches (YMI trained leaders)+70,062773,643
Youth Converted in YMI-led programs+48,763451,312 (Main Thing!)

Added to these stats, our 2020 Year-End fundraising campaign (held between November – December) not only met our goal but exceeded that goal by 78% ! All of this during the height of a global pandemic. A God-Thing!

This pandemic brought death, sorrow, physical and financial destruction to millions and is still raging. It was and is horrible and we all pray for it to STOP. However, in spite of the pandemic, God blessed His mission work across the globe! Romans 8:28 is true today and forever:

“And we KNOW that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (NIV, emphasis mine.)

Reasons for Expectation and Expansion in 2021

And then there is the expectation for expansion in 2021. As I write this, I am anxiously awaiting the world-wide release and application of the new Covid vaccines so that the travel restrictions can be lifted, and the implementation of our anticipated new academic youth ministry training programs can be launched.

We have approved programs ready to be launched in India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cuba, Nigeria, and in some closed countries. 

These new programs would move forward exponentially our outreach to the 2.3 billion unreached youth in the world !

In addition to these new programs, our new Saturation Multiplication Strategy is ready to launch, which, when completed, would make local church youth ministry training available in every province of every country where YMI has current active training initiatives!


Finally, as you look at the above graphic, will you make a commitment to “Make the Leap With Us” into 2021? Will you work, pray, and strive for the prize that is ahead of us:

The multiplication of winning the souls of the youth of the world to our Lord Jesus Christ and training thousands of Youth Ministers to disciple them and equip them to reach the youth of the world and co-laborers in Christ?

I pray you will, and I look forward to partnering with you to accomplish these goals and overcoming any challenges that 2021 may bring! Blessing to you all and thank you for your continued prayers and support for our ministry!

Dr. Randy Smith, President – YMI

Updates from Our Trainers


I (Jon) was able to roll out YMI’s Map the Movement initiatve with over 100 registrations. Map the Movement tracks input from YMI trained youth leaders and will provide the informtion to successfully fulfill the goals of our new Saturation Multiplication Training strategy.

Sonnet headed a very successful 2020 Year End Fundraising Campaign which will help YMI launch our new 2021 initiatives!

You can contact Jon at or Sonnet at


God has blessed us with opportunities to pour into our students, professors, and friends we have made here the last three years.

He has allowed us to grow in the language which is helping us manage the background stress and to communicate our ministry in a better way in the context we serve.

We are looking forward to our first furlough back in the states and testifying of all these great things God has done! Our next “tour of duty” in Romania looks to be filled with new and exciting training opportunities!

If you would like to encourage the Hintons, their email is:



Melissa and I sprinted during our last several months teaching classes and preparing ministry to continue in our furlough absence. I also taught our first classes in Central Asia albeit online.

We are now in the states and recently attended a missionary debriefing retreat to process the last 10 years on the field.

Currently we are reporting to and serving the people and churches in the US that make our ministry possible.

If you would like to send the Hughes family a note of encouragement, email:


I feel like YMI Asia is in position on the starting block of a very important race. Several initiatives are ready to go as soon as the Covid crisis is out of the way. Schools in India, the Philippines, and Indonesia are excited to launch new training programs.

In addition, the Grom family is ready to come to Malaysia and help make it happen.

We are ready. Just waiting for the starting gun to fire!!

You can email the Kaptain family at