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The Hintons

To say that the Covid-19 virus has interrupted our lives is no doubt an understatement. We got our first taste of that interruption when our children were not able to play with the neighbors’ children as they had been accustomed to. Parks, restaurants, churches, and other things that are a part of our daily lives are being shut down. We can go out for essential goods and medicine, but it requires documentation to state your reasons for leaving your home. If you do not have that, there are fines and penalties. Thankfully, we have a little room to play outside, so we and the kids have had some awesome light   saber battles! We continue our homeschool routine, so our kids have not gotten any breaks from school yet!  We are thankful for technology and to be able to connect with others.

 As for ministry, the institute has moved things online, and Phil and I have been engaged with some of that. This has provided us with time to meet and discuss a healthy vision for the Center for Youth Ministry here in Romania. God has provided time for Phil and I to stop and talk through many things that are hard to address when life is at full speed. I do ask for your prayers over those meetings that God would use this time and give us His vision for our next steps. As we close, know we love you all and are praying for God’s blessings and provision in a difficult season. Please stay safe and healthy, and if the Lord wills we will get back to normal soon!

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