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The Reyes

Due to the restrictions the Mexican government has put into place, COVID19 is affecting our family and ministry here in Mexico City. I am teaching youth ministry classes via Zoom and Erika is teaching 3rd & 4th graders online. All schools are closed until April 30 at least, and social distancing is encouraged. But at this point, not much enforcement. Police on patrol shout from a loudspeaker, “If possible, stay in your homes!”.

The majority of Mexicans are more concerned with their finances than the threat of contracting this deadly virus. Many people continue working because they only have their “daily bread’ to live on. Sources in Mexico City say things will be worse before they are better. Hospitals are already stretched thin. It is widely suspected that the government is concealing the real amount of fatalities and people infected. 

Our routine has changed. I am the only one going to stores and buying groceries. We’ve been practicing social distancing and connect with family, friends, and supporters via social media.

We are postponing our home ministry assignment from this summer to January – July 2021. Praise God we have secured housing from Jan – March 2021 – provided through a supporting church, Thomas Road Baptist Church! Our family is doing well and we’re staying positive. In our disappointment we have hope that God will carry us through these uncertain times!

We ask for your prayers for us, our ministry partners, and for housing for the rest of our furlough in the states. Gracias!

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