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The Rices

The first wave of restrictions came to Romania in early March and have narrowed as the realization of the severity of the virus became known.  Self-isolation is now a legal mandate.  A declaration is required in order for us to leave the house for any reason and we have been stopped to verify our reasons for being outside our homes.  

Our seminary was already set up with an on-line system, so the adaptation to get the on-campus students into the existing platform was not too difficult.  Multiple ministry events have been postponed or cancelled causing us to lose deposits and payments for conferences and flights. 

This effects our annual National Youth Ministry Conference at which Randy (YMI president) was to be the guest speaker.  Our family continues to learn how to balance work and school at home, which we began last September when we started home schooling. 

May God bless all who are trying to do this after just one week of preparation!  We have grown closer as a family with the moto of “grace to all and mercy in abundance”. We are trusting God to keep us healthy and sane in these challenging days.

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