The Growth of YMI Training Ministries

From 2016 to 2021

“Training the Trainers”

In 2016 YMI had trained 17,970 trainers – individuals who would in turn train others. By 2020 this number had grown to 34,797 – almost double!

While the number of students currently being trained dropped in the past year due to Covid-19, youth leaders remain excited about learning, and practicing, what it means to train others to be effective leaders.


Leading The Way

YMI trainers are now active in 37 countries. A CYM Director (Center for Youth Ministry) helps oversee training programs in both the country they live in, and other countries in the region.

It is exciting to see how many individuals who have been trained through YMI are teaching at college and university levels.


Changed Lives

Youth leaders trained through YMI’s programs now minister in over 11,000 churches!

But the most important aspect of these ministries is the number of youth who are attending these churches – and the number of individuals who have become Christ followers!

This is what YMI is all about – changing lives with the Gospel message.