Steve & Anju Kaptain

Serving in Asia


One of the students trained in Phase 1 at our Center for Youth Ministry in Indonesia has made a commitment to train others leaders in Malaysia.

Continuing Education

Steve is looking forward to completing advanced studies and preparing his dissertation.

Steve and Anju Kaptain came to YMI while serving as youth leaders in Nepal with Operation Mobilization.  While serving as youth leaders in Nepal, Steve and Anju both graduated from YMI’s Masters degree program that was being taught a the Himalayan Graduate School of Theology in Kathmandu, Nepal. Convinced that YMI’s high-level training program was needed throughout Asia, the couple, along with their 3 children (Anjali, Alina, & Ethan), soon began serving as YMI’s Asia ministry directors.

While in this position, Steve has taught YMI’s youth courses in 5 major countries in Asia, the continent that is home to 50% of the world’s young people, the vast majority of which do not know Christ as their Lord and Savior. Great progress is being made throughout Asia as a whole, and we are excited about YMI’s future in the region.

We are very excited that Steve has begun directing a new initiative in Myanmar, where YMI is partnering with a leading evangelical seminary in Yangon, Myanmar (formerly Burma). Yongon is the previous home to the famous American missionary, Adoniram Judson.



We ask you pray with  us concerning the following:



Youth and Children’s ministry is constantly being hindered by national governments throughout Asia, and national Christian youth leaders are facing dangerous persecution. Youth ministry has even been declared illegal in some countries.
Pray for our Asian youth leaders, that they would catch the vision for spreading training on the bachelors and masters level through YMI’s Asian partnership schools. Pray that soon they will be writing about youth ministry in their own context, and spreading the vision for youth ministry training across Asia.