Michelle's Story

Hi, my name is Michelle. I am 19 years of age and I live in Indonesia, and attend the Rehobot Youth Ministry (RYM) at my church.

I used to always ask myself the question, “Is it true that God’s love has no end? Even when I fail, fall down, and feel crushed?”

I learned the answer in my youth group – “‘Yes!”

Before this I was a perfectionist, to the point that I liked to nit-pick the weaknesses and mistakes of others. I also hated those who committed wrongs against me. I strove to become the one who is the most perfect, even including the aspect of following Jesus.

One thing I realize now is that although I have been a Christian for awhile I never noticed God’s love for me even in my failures. My Bible reading, serving, and giving were all for the goal of my personal perfection and not to enjoy His love. But now, I give thanks to God for placing me in this youth ministry where I have learned that God loves me just as I am.

RYM gave me a very important lesson of God’s love. Without this lesson I may have continued to just live my Christian life as a routine. I have learned that it is only when I live my life knowing that He loves me that I feel truly free to live life at its fullest. I realize that I cannot be perfect, but God is. So I should not despise others when they make mistakes since God didn’t love me because I was perfect but loved me even when I was a sinner.

When others commit wrongs against me I am now being taught to look at the cross where Jesus was nailed, where the price for my sin has already been paid. I remember when I was young I used to hate my father. He never had time for me – he smoked, got drunk, and did many things that I do not like.

But now I am able to accept my father as he is. I love him because I know that God also loves him. After I reconciled my hatred towards my father God restored everything. I was delighted when my father wanted to join the worship at church and I was joyful when he wanted to pray with our family at home. I know that this is all because of God and now I live in the fullness of His love. It is all about Jesus.

Thank you Youth Ministry International for investing in my youth pastor and helping me to have a great youth group!

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