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Without a doubt, the Gospel is spreading across Africa faster than on any other continent.

In 1910, Europe was 94% Christian (self-identified) and Africa was considered 9% nominal Christian. Now, (as of 2018) 45% of sub-Saharan Africans identify as Christians, while in many European countries less than 10% claim to be actual Christ followers and attend a Christian church. What a reversal! There are currently over 650 million Africans who identify as being Christians.

However, Islam, which is growing faster than Christianity, will possibly outnumber Christians  across the continent, with northern Africa being predominantly Muslim.

Add to this the fact that the African continent is getting younger and younger – It has the highest birth rate of any continent. Africa is today the youngest continent with a median age of under 20 years old!

While the global fertility rate has dropped from 5.0 in 1950 to 2.5 currently, the fertility rate for Muslims is 3.8, whereas that of Christianity is 2.7.

So where does this put Youth Ministry International? Right in the middle of Africa!

Young Christians in Africa need to be discipled by well-trained youth leaders. With the threat of both an invasion of pop culture from the West and Islam from the East, Africa’s youth need help.

Perhaps that is why God is opening up so many doors in Africa to YMI’s high-level youth ministry leadership training programs. At present, through our graduates and missionaries, YMI is either operating in, or has been invited to conduct training in the following African nations: Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Namibia, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The latest country of entry is Nigeria, which is the most highly populated country in Africa with 178 million people – 50% of whom claim to be Christians. Nigeria also boasts the largest and fastest growing economy in Africa. The median age of Nigeria is 18.3, and the median age of Niger (Nigeria’s northern neighbor) is 15.3 – the youngest in the world.

In 2019 Youth Ministry International completed a MA in youth ministry at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, where 20 graduates will soon be teaching youth ministry in 13 schools across Nigeria. YMI has also initiated a similar MA degree program in Ethiopia, Africa’s second largest country, with 87 million people, and a median age of 17.8.

What a challenge and privilege to train youth leaders in Africa!

Please pray for Youth Ministry International and our partners as we attempt to reach and disciple the youth of this magnificent continent through leadership training!

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