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Centers for Youth Ministry (CYM)

A Youth Ministry International Center for Youth Ministry (CYM) is structured under the umbrella of an institution of higher education and serves as the comprehensive training and networking arm of this school for individuals called into youth ministry as a lifetime career.

The CYM program is:

    • Academically based
    • Biblically Integrated
    • Culturally relevant
    • Incorporates a cutting edge Youth Ministry Curriculum (30 or more semester credit hours)
    • Includes field education (Practicum)
    • Features experienced Professors and Mentors

Certified YMI programs partner with educational institutions that offer either of the following:

    • Certificate of completion
    • Associate of Arts in Youth Ministry
    • Bachelor of Science in Youth Ministry (or diploma program of equal credit hours)
    • Master of Arts in Youth Ministry

A CYM enables students to:

    • Effectively communicate the Gospel to individuals comprising the student culture.
    • Acquire and develop skills essential to function and contribute to a local church staff.
    • Have a clear understanding of programming for effective adolescent ministry.
    • Develop confidence and skills in the recruitment and development of a lay staff.
    • Learn the process of assessment, goal development and strategic planning.
    • Facilitate a comprehensive ministry of discipleship that results in “maturing the believer” to do the work of the ministry.
    • Articulate current cross-concepts and strategies, and apply theological, historical and anthropological principles in planning for evangelism, discipleship and leadership in a cross-cultural setting.
    • Be prepared to function as a minister in a local church in the areas of Bible, Christian counseling, organizational administration and ecclesiastical duties. (See YMI’s “Qualifications of a successful youth leader.”)
    • Develop an attitude and strategy for lifelong learning that continues to develop the student leader as a professional and ultimately makes a significant contribution toward youth ministry.
    • Pursue ongoing in-service advanced studies.

The goal is to recruit, train, place and network local church youth leaders locally and globally.

Recruitment of students comes through local churches and through the normal recruiting practices of the educational institution. Academic training is complemented by practical outreach. One of the unique aspects of the CYM, along with the high standard of academic excellence, is the practical expression of ministry. Classroom and field education function in tandem to produce an effective and comprehensive youth training program. Assistance is provided in locating a place of service where students can ultimately put into active practice the youth ministry principles they learn. Through networking a CYM fosters cooperation among youth ministries with commonality of vision and doctrinal compatibility.

Additionally, conferences and forums are sponsored for the purpose of leadership and student development, including annual youth leader conferences, youth camps, national forums for prominent and influential leaders, regional and international symposiums to provide resources and instruction to youth leaders. Ongoing consultation is provided to local church and para-church ministries along with extensive on-site evaluation and personalized recommendations. A CYM may also host national outreach opportunities and overseas mission trips for youth leaders and their students. Special emphasis is given, though not exclusively, to the hosting institution’s own denominational agencies which serve in cooperation with its events.

A CYM prepares students to enter the career path of youth ministry in such positions as youth director, para-church staff, and positions in adolescent social work and related fields.

This CYM program is the result of years of research, field evaluation and process implementation. This emphasizes the significance of continued interaction with colleagues and alumni to guarantee that today’s student will be equipped for tomorrow’s ministry. 

For a description of courses offered though a CYM – YMI Course Descriptions.

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