Diana – Encouraging All Those Who Know Her

Hi, my name is Diana. My friend Natalie came into my life 4 years ago. (Natalie is on the left and Diana on the right.) I saw her as an open and bright person. She was a leader in the middle school ministry at our church and for two years she mentored me, teaching me God’s word and how to minister to others.

Because of this, when I became an older teenager, I wanted to serve others as she ministered to me. Now we serve together in the middle school ministry, but she still is pouring her life into mine. I am still growing and learning a lot of useful things from her for every aspect of life. I appreciate her advice, and I am very pleased that she shares experiences from her life with me. For example, we recently talked about how hard it is to stay pure in this dirty world. For a long time, we talked about honoring God in our relationships with boys and guarding our hearts.

I think that studying in the YMI sponsored youth ministry program at Kyiv Theological Seminary (KTS) has given her incredibly useful knowledge and understanding. I like that Natalie shares this with me. Recently, I began to keep a spiritual journal of my quiet times, mainly writing how God is speaking to me. It has helped me to slow down and concentrate on my relationship with Him. She learned this at the seminary! I have seen that studying at the seminary has given her many skills that enhance our ministry.

Also, it is very cool, when I have a question that I can get an answer to it based upon God’s word. Many times that really helped me in my walk Christ. I am glad that our relationship is based on trust. We can help and support each other.

Natalie is a third-year youth major student, who brightens the spirits of everyone around her. She has a sincere love for people that is easily recognized. We at the Center for Youth Ministry at KTS are glad she studies with us, recognizing that God is using her now and look forward to how He will use her in the future to impact future generations.

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