Becoming a Translator of Youth Culture

By: Claudia Olivas

When my mother died, I had to step up and take care of my younger brothers who, at that time, were teenagers. I had always heard in church that adolescence was the most difficult stage for kids, but I had never personally experienced any support from my church when I was a teenager and my brothers received even less support.

The young men in our family have been touched by tragedy. My uncle was only 24 when he was killed. He had become addicted to drugs while in high school, but had an encounter with God and decided to give control of his life to Him. A few days after his decision to follow Christ he was murdered and his youth was lost. My 22-year-old cousin was killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver. Again, another youth losing his life in a tragic accident and dying without Christ.

That’s when I understood what God wanted me to do for Him. To give my time and dedication to the youth around me, to my brothers, the youth of my Church, and those of my community. Young people are more open to the Gospel and that is what motivates me and makes me focus on Youth Ministry. Whether it is through an event, posting a Facebook status, or looking for a way to share with them in a simple and practical way, spending my time helping and ministering to young people helps me stay faithful in my call!

Society in Mexico has been changing and young people are now being taken into account with more opportunities being created for them. In addition, youth leaders in the Church where I served now remain in constant contact asking for help and advice.

What I hope for my ministry is to become a translator of youth culture – Becoming able to fully understand what is relevant in youth culture, and then to provide guidance to parents, pastors, and young people. And continuing to grow my ministry by raising youth leaders who have passion and sensitivity when reaching out to youth. The skills and tools I learned through Youth Ministry International’s training have helped me impact both my own Center for Youth Ministry and Jewels of God (a ministry for young women). The effect of both of these ministries, and the training of more leaders, will show young people in Mexico what God can offer them.

Romans 10:14 And how will you hear if there is no one to prelate to you? 15 And how shall they preach if they are not sent? Thank you YMI for your investment in my life and ministry and the youth of Mexico!

Claudia Olivas graduated with a Bachelors in Youth Ministry in 2016 from Mexico Baptist Theological Seminary . She is a partner in Ministry with CYM Mexico led by YMI missionary-trainer Roberto Reyes who lives in Mexico City.

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