January is a month of rest as the home office recovers from our year end fundraising campaign, our November board meeting, and preparations for our 2022 Summit. Sadly, because of potential travel restrictions for our trainers, we have postponed the Summit to 2023.

The Barr Family

Serving at the YMI Home Office

Our family has settled into our interim ministry placement in Los Angeles. We are attending a SE Asian church and have increased their involvement with YMI’s virtual ministry in Asia. However, this placement is temporary, and we are now happy to share that a few weeks before Christmas, God opened a door for us to move to SE Asia this summer! This door came in the form of an opportunity for Cori Beth to teach at an international elementary school next school year. We praise God for this opportunity and the many answers to prayer that it provides.

The Grom Family

Serving in Asia

Our ministry over the next few months is all about relationships from Timisoara to Constanta. I really want to know the needs of our leaders across the country and how to come alongside them. We are looking forward to everything from meals to conferences to build those relationships and see where God is working in order to move forward on His plans for us here in Romania.

The Hinton Family

Serving in Romania

After several years of development, our master’s program in YM at Kyiv Theological Seminary has started and the students are doing assignments and interacting with me online. They are anticipating our first face-to-face session at the end of January. Along with starting our certificate program in Kherson, please pray for the discipleship and growth of our 200 students across Ukraine.

The Hughes Family

Serving in Ukraine

Things are beginning to move forward in Asia! We are set to conduct online training at the Bachelor’s level in Malaysia which includes training future trainers. At the same time, we will continue to conduct informal training seminars for local churches in Malaysia and Asia as a whole. These seminars are fertile ground for recruiting future full-time students. Asian youth ministry is on the move!

The Kaptain Family

Serving in Asia

As we are now working towards our 25th year with YMI, we cannot help but give thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus, and to our faithful team of churches and individuals who have been with us for all or most of these past 24 years. Our hearts are filled with such joy, a joy that is “inexpressible” as Peter describes it. This joy cannot even be put into words. To try and do so, could not be adequately expressed. (I Peter 8-9)

The Mills Family

Serving in Missionary Care

he next six months focuses on the development of an online program.This will be a one year program. We plan to start this program in February of 2023 in Ukraine, and in February 2024, to make a set for students from Eurasian countries.

The Ostriy Family

Serving in Ukraine

We have spent great times together with our Romanian team as we plan our national youth leaders conference that will happen in April. Our team has also been working towards networks of youth leaders regionally and locally with our own Bucharest network of youth leaders. Mike and I were able to attend a pastors conference where many requests were made for us to do church visits and training all the way from eastern to western Romania. Please keep our family in your prayers as we work on better life rhythms to keep down on the general stress that we live under during this long lasting pandemic.

The Rice Family

Serving in Romania