YMI Grad Making Marks in Nigeria

 Dr. Solomon James appointed as the new Nigerian Baptist Convention
Director of Youth & Students’ Ministries


Dr. Solomon James
Director of Youth and Students’ Ministries
Nigeria Baptist Convention     

Dr. Solomon James was the very successful pastor of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, of the Nigerian Baptist Convention (NBC) of Nigeria, a denomination with more than 4 million members and the largest evangelical denomination in Africa. But, Dr. James had and has a heart for YOUTH MINISTRY, so he signed up to take the YMI sponsored MA in youth ministry program at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary (NBTS), the first in all of Africa. Since graduation in 2019 he has conducted dozens of youth ministry training conferences across Nigeria, presenting the YMI philosophy of local church youth ministry. He did such a great job, that when it came time to select a new NBC youth and student ministry director, he was asked to serve. This was a huge decision for a senior pastor of a very large successful church to resign his church and take over the youth department of the convention. (See Dr. James’ note to me when I sent my congratulations below.)


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Dr. James was one of 22 Youth Ministry MA graduates back in 2019. (See Picture in the previous article.) He replaced Dr. Samuel Olaleye in the new position. Dr. Olaleye has recently been selected to direct the first International Center for Youth Ministry at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary. (See previous article.) We at YMI are excited to be working with Dr. James in the years to come as we join him in training local church youth workers across Nigeria, all of Africa and beyond!  
What a blessing to participate in the NBTS Youth Ministry MA training project! May the Lord continue to bless the results of this wonderful partnership!

Dr. Randy Smith, YMI President