Amazing Time In Nigeria

The Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary


Teaching MA Courses for Youth Degree Program   

YMI President, Randy Smith, is in Nigeria with staff member Franks Mills and board member Paul Crouthamel where they have been teaching special classes to a group of youth trainers at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary.

Randy reports that 20 students passed the final course and graduated! Ten on these individuals already have doctorates and are beginning to teach youth classes to prepare more young people to be youth leaders in their churches and communities.

At the graduation ceremony Randy was invited to speak and present the diplomas and certificates along with the seminary president, who had a surprise for Randy and Frank.

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Greetings from Nigeria!

Frank Mills and myself are having a great time here at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary. Teaching the last course of our MA Youth Degree Program, being honored to give out the diplomas to the 20 MA graduates, then give them our YMI Youth Minister Certification, and then having the honor to give the Charge to the entire graduating class of 2019, the 120th graduation of the school!

THEN I found out that both Frank & I are being awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity (DD) for outstanding contribution to Nigerian and African youth ministry and life-long service! We are indeed blessed!

What an Historic time to be able to initiate and complete the first accredited MA in Youth Ministry in all of Africa, and at the largest evangelical seminary in all of Africa (1200 students)! We can all rejoice!


Randy Smith

And thanks to Paul Crouthamel (our newest YMI board member) for coming here to help out with our lectures and seminars last week!

The 20 individuals who graduated from YMI MA program have now joined the ranks of highly skilled global trainers, following three years of tough training. These quality trainers are already involved in training others in four other schools. Reproduction has begun!

All 20 earned our YMI Youth Minister 5-Year Certification, and some are now working toward our Professional Certification over the next few years.

The 2019 graduation event at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary saw over 3,000 come together to watch as 372 students graduated from the various degree programs of the Seminary.

Pray that till will only be the beginning of a growing theological training program for youth leaders especially in West Africa.

Read Randy’s additional report, “An Historic Moment in Time”.