Youth Ministry International

Our MISSION is to EVANGELIZE and DISCIPLE the world’s youth through the LOCAL CHURCH by “Training the Trainers” of INDIGENOUS Youth Leaders.

country of nigeria with flag colors


We are opening a new International Center for Youth Ministry in Nigeria. Why Nigeria?

  • 70 % (151 million) are unreached with the Gospel.
  • 47 % (100 million) are between the ages of 10-29.
  • 77 % (166 million) are under 30 years of age.

Nigeria will soon be the 3rd largest country in the world behind China and India.
Trained Nigerian Church youth leaders can lead the way to reach the rest of Africa!

Will you pray about joining YMI in raising funds to make this dream come true?


Please continue to give to our youth workers in war-torn Ukraine and bordering countries.

Why We Exist

Over 90% of the world’s formally trained youth leaders are in the USA, ministering to only 2% of the world’s youth. YMI is dedicated to changing this statistic. 

OUR Guiding Principles

We want to be a part of a world wide movement committed to reaching the today’s youth for Christ by training youth leaders globally. 

Our History

YMI was founded as God’s response to a pressing need recognized by Dr. Randy Smith as he ministered to youth workers in East Africa in 1988. 

Ministry Spotlights

As YMI grows and develops we are moving more nationals into leadership roles

Despite an international pandemic, YMI continues to see growth in all of our programs

We did some rethinking and innovation that should serve YMI well for years to come.

Meet Our Team

Our Latest News

YMI Family Updates

The last three months have been focused on support for our team of trainers in Ukraine which have been affected by the war with Russia.” – The Barr Family

eye of the storm


FAST FORWARD to June 18, 2022! As these pictures show, I made it to the graduation this year and had the honor of speaking…

YMI Updates

A few weeks ago, we were at church going through our regular routines of worship and fellowship when a Ukrainian lady tapped Melissa on the shoulder…

Our Global Impact

As a result of our training programs in countries around the world YMI youth leaders, serving in more than 11,500 churches, have seen over 450,000 young people come to faith in Christ.

Serving with YMI

YMI provides opportunities for service including International Trainers, Internships and Short-Term Mission Trips.

Consider joining us to help reach the more than 50% of the world that is under the age of 22.