Alexandra’s Story From The Field

Hi, I’m Alexandra Dutka, a senior at Kiev Theological Seminary (KTS) in Kiev, Ukraine. I am 26 years old and serve in Belgium at a YMCA which has kept its vision and still shares Christ with young people.

When I think of Youth Ministry International’s impact on the teenagers I work with, I think of how God used the youth ministry program to change me – because who you are in ministry is more important than what you do

And it all started with the decision to study.

What “motivated” me to apply for admission to KTS? For starters, I knew that my mom had studied at KTS, but unfortunately she was not able to finish. But every time she was reminded of KTS, her eyes began to shine and she smiled. Something in that was alluring.

It also was not an accident that two of my girlfriends from church decided to study at KTS, and both were examples to me in ministry and in life. I wanted to be like them.

But even all that was not enough for me to believe in my own strength, and make that decisive step.

Later, I really wanted to make a change in my life. It was a desire to be useful and, to be honest, significant. I met a missionary from Macedonia who, with his big heart and acceptance, convinced me that if I had even a hint of an idea to apply to the seminary, then by all means I should do it.

That moment, I understood that I had already made the decision. He then told me that “education will prepare you for that which God is preparing you for.” However, to be honest, even now I am not completely sure what He is calling me to do…

In the past three years at the seminary, I have been taught one difficult lesson after another. And I do not mean lessons on Theology or Church History. God has used the seminary to shake me up.

One of the first lessons that I have yet to completely learn is understanding that the phrase, “in your own strength”, should not be in my vocabulary. Each finished or unfinished assignment is in His mercy. Each little paper or big presentation is His inspiration. Each new year at the seminary is His will.

God has taught me that there will always be someone smarter, more spiritual, stronger, and more dedicated than me. But also, everyone is the same as me … a sinner. And each of us has value only in Christ and there is never anything anyone can do to DESERVE this. 

I can say that all the diverse information about ministry makes sense only when, in YOUR chest, there beats a true, faithful and loving heart for young people. Then, the hands dedicated to this ministry and all these useful tools in youth ministry can productively work.

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