The Impact of Mentoring

Lesya’s Story

Hi, my name is Lesya. I am 16 years old. When I was 12 years old I realized that I was a sinner and accepted Christ into my heart. At the age of 14 I was baptized and dedicated my life to God.

For several years I have been serving in the children’s ministry of the church and have also been involved in middle school ministry. Valia, my youth leader, is a student and will soon be a graduate of Kiev Theological Seminary. She has made a great contribution to my life, both spiritually and practically. I have known her from early childhood, but we started to hang out and become close friends when she began to lead a small group for teenage girls, when I was just 11 years old.

I remember how Valia told us about her desire to enter the seminary and we prayed with her and together we rejoiced when she told us that she had been accepted. Even then, I understood that this would benefit her and our relationship. After a short time studying, there were very noticeable changes in her spiritual growth and character. I saw how she was learning to humble herself, to practice self-control, and be friendly and calm, as befits a true Christian.

Valia has mentored and discipled me using much of the wisdom that she received, learning herself and being a practical role model for me. That wisdom to this day still influences and produces changes in my character and spiritual growth.

The mentoring and counseling courses that Valia has taken have particularly influenced our relationship. So, having a good theological base, she can immediately put the Word into practice. I can testify to the many books she has read, the mounds of completed homework. This very often inspired me to work more on my spiritual development and Bible study.

As a result, Valia became more knowledgeable in the Scriptures, which often helps her to easily answer my various questions about the Bible. Often I deliberately asked very hard questions to stump her, but I was always amazed at her answers, thanks to the knowledge and experience that Valia acquired at the seminary. During a session, or just after it, she would often talk about the course she studied and the topics she has studied as a student in the Youth Ministry degree program. It is easily noticed that she loves studying.

I believe that her time at the seminary formed her to be a worthy leader to the glory of God, and influenced our future relationship and her spiritual growth. And I am confident that the knowledge she gained will be useful in ministry in the church, life on this earth, impact on youth, and her personal walk with Christ.

Thank you Youth Ministry International for investing in Valia, and through her, investing in me!

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