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Training Leaders

Misha (far left) is a YMI graduate raising support as a full time teacher and trainer of youth leaders.

This is what YMI is all about!

Misha is one of several of our Ukrainian graduates working under Sam Hughes’ leadership.

In our home church in Ukraine there is not an adequate youth ministry, so the pastor invited us to be his guests with one of the main conversations being how to improve the youth ministry and how can I be helpful in this process.

I am glad and thankful to God that I can serve and help my home church to be effective in reaching out to youth with the Gospel.

I had the appointment with the leadership team of “Resurrection of Christ Church” and we agreed that I will serve as trainer and mentor in order to help with the youth ministry for the period of one year. We have had a couple of online discussions where we have talked about our direction, goals and how often we are going to meet. 

I am so excited to have this ministry with my home church because our family served there so much, from the very beginning as we were planting this church. We have so many dear people and friends there.

I ask your prayers so that the Youth Ministry of the “Resurrection of Christ Church” would spread the Word of Christ to many young people

I also taught at a Bible college on the course topic, “Planning, Strategies, and making Programs in Youth Ministry”, with 14 studentsBelow is feedback from a couple of the students.

I have had additional opportunities to either preach to youth groups and also help in analyzing and planning different ministry outreaches.

Right now I am teaching an online course about leadership with 12-19 year olds. I had the opportunity to attend a seminar where I presented with training material for helping teenagers develop their leadership skills. OneHope hosted this seminar and together with Equip, which is a team of John Maxwell’s ministry, they developed this training material.

I have several young people registered for the course from different parts of Ukraine, so we will meet online and I will teach them about leadership. 

  • online course for youth through LeadToday
  • finishing to develop a website to be used for ministry
  • training and mentoring the leadership team for youth ministry in my home church

“As I was introduced to the class, “Strategies in Youth Ministry”, I began to understand that in order to get to a purpose-driven ministry, we have to set right tasks and ask right questions. This is the process of planning. From the very beginning we have to think about who we are ministering to. What is our goal? What to do to have the right fruits? What is the method? Who will do that?”

Yulya Kravchuk

“During this time, I realized Our God is God of clarity and planning. He wants us to have a direct and specific plan of the actions, and then we can see results. It is so important to understand the right definition of the “planing”. In Gods eyes it is the spiritual process, that includes His vision and His power.”

Sergiy Morohovsky

“As I analyze the ministry I am being part of, I see that it is so hard to move forward in the ministry without right strategy, and setting goals. So this class has opened one of the ways for me, how to develop the ministry, and where I have to pay the most of my attention.”

Tanya Voznyuk

We ask you pray with  us concerning the following:



For the group of young people desiring to be youth leaders as they learn about leadership principles.
For our process of raising funds in Ukraine.
For the KIFC church, that new people will come and hear the Gospel.