"There has never been a church building in this village."

The impact of a Short Term Team in Mogosoia, Romania

A Conversation with Pastor Florentin Luca

How long have you been meeting as a church in this village?

  • We have been meeting for the past 10 years in our home. We have tried many times to buy or build a church building.But due to the lack of funds and much spiritual opposition, there has never been a church building available in this village.

What is the normal attendance of your church?

  • In the past few years we have only grown to 25 people.

How many people where you expecting for this Sunday evening outreach event?

  • We were expecting some of our members to invite their friends and some of the kids to invite their parents… so maybe 10 more people.

What was one of the highlights of the evangelistic event?

  • We never expected what happened that night! There were 25 kids who came to join in the singing and 7-8 parents who came just to see their children sing.  But the big surprise was when we had to keep adding benches. In the end, there was standing room only for the 80 people who came.  We didn’t do much to advertise the event, but apparently God has a bigger plan?  We need to make a bigger plan as well! But to do so we will need a bigger place to meet!

What is the vision for the gathering of believers there? 

  • The amount of people who came to church that night helped us believe that God wants to do more with the church here in Mogosoia. Also, that we need a place to meet on the main street of the village so that people will come to the church. People do not want to come to our house for the service because it is strange for them to meet in such a small room.  We would like to have an event once a month on the main street to see if more people would come to our church. We also need people to help with music and to teach the kids how to play the instruments.

Florentin also wanted everyone to know: “It was the best Christmas present ever to have this team of Americans in our church and home. Thank you YMI for sending the mission team to come minister with us during the Christmas Season. We are looking forward to see what God is going to do in Mogosoia.”

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