The highlight of my third quarter was meeting with 15 high quality Mexican youth leaders who want to reach their country’s youth. From those 15 a select committee of 6 was created to outline initiatives for their country. Over the next few months they will define their purpose, their goals, and their requirements for joining this new Saturation Multiplication Training Strategy initiative, that strives to place quality training teams in every state in Mexico.
The Barr Family

Serving at the YMI Home Office

Our family has made the transition to our interim ministry assignment in Los Angeles. Countries across Southeast Asia remain closed due to COVID restrictions, however God is working through this interim period by providing connections at local SE Asian churches in Los Angeles, increased virtual ministry opportunities, and working closely with our new neighbors and Asia teammates – the Kaptain family. Pray for God’s wisdom and open doors for our Asia team regarding international travel and potential ministry sites. The harvest is plentiful…

The Grom Family

Serving in Asia

Right now we are full steam ahead with things here in Romania as we plan for the next national youth conference and look at potential ministry in other areas of Romania and potentially other countries. We are excited about a new school year ahead as classes are now beginning, and we are praying for many new students to train. We are eager to see what doors God is opening praying for the wisdom to walk through them faithfully.

The Hinton Family

Serving in Romania

We have had our largest entering class at Kyiv Theological Seminary with 24 new students, who will be studying in our bachelor?s program of youth ministry. This coincides with the start of our new director, Misha Feyer, who also is the regional Youth Mininstry leader for the Baptist Union denomination. Praise the Lord for our new capacity problem. We want to disciple all of them. Please pray for Misha and Vasya, who are raising their support for their leadership positions.

The Hughes Family

Serving in Ukraine

Due to Covid the ministry team in Asia may not be knocking it out of the park, but we are definitely up at the plate ready to do so. Lord willing, we will be developing a new team of SE Asian graduates to train in an online bachelor?s program. Once they are
allowed to do in-person training we hope that they will be ready to take over the entire program. Team Asia is motivated!

The Kaptain Family

Serving in Asia

The progress that we see being made by our graduates in terms of
training others, writing Youth Ministry books and curriculum and the receiving of important postings by their own denominational leadership is so encouraging to me. It speaks volumes about the quality of character and leadership capabilities that their own country?s leadership sees in these men and women of God. This reinforces to me that God is bringing to YMI a caliber of men and women, who are exceptional leaders in their countries. God has given us at YMI the privilege and the honor to better equip them to ?do the work of the ministry? that has been entrusted into their care. (Ephesians 4:12) To God be All the Glory,for He is doing Great Things!

The Mills Family

Serving in Missionary Care

In the reality of the modern world, if your activity is presented in
social networks – you exist. Well, not only do we exist, we have 40
new students (Vinnytsia and Kyiv) in our Ukrainian training
programs. We are also working on developing our website for a
new online program.

The Ostriy Family

Serving in Ukraine

Furlough was restorative and productive for visiting most of our
churches and many of our donors. We were also able to do a
debriefing and renewal, which was very needed! After returning to Romania in September we put on our regional conference in western Romania, with over 30 youth workers attending. We also met with a group of youth leaders in SW Romania who were encouraged after our National Youth Leaders Conference to be more intentional regarding reaching youth in their region. Scottie’s knee recovery is progressing. Thank you for your continued prayers!

The Rice Family

Serving in Romania