Changing Lives in Kathmandu

My name is Martha and I am nineteen years old. I have been attending the Arise and Shine Youth Center in Kathmandu, Nepal for the last five years. During my time at the youth center I have received many opportunities and received much help to develop my personality, talents, skills and spiritual life.

I gained skills in self-awareness, decision making and critical thinking. I also learned how to become curious about my own thoughts and emotions and balance the two, making me a better and wiser person.

Thanks to the youth center I have also developed my leadership skills. It was the lives of the staff, however, that impacted my life even more.

Joshua Limbu personally trained me to become a co-facilitator so that I could then train others. I want others to receive the same training and opportunities that I received.

When I consider where my life is now, and the trainings and opportunities I have received, I cannot help but thank the Arise and Shine Youth Center which has played a vital role to enrich my life. Without the youth center my life would be completely different, and not in a good way. Not only would my academic life suffer, but my spiritual life as well. I would not have the skills to make good decisions, walk the right path and have a positive attitude.

In addition, the center improved my academic situation through a free tutoring program that was designed for the economically poor who cannot afford extra classes or tutoring. In a place like Nepal it is nearly impossible to pass classes without this extra help. Thanks to this program I scored an “A” in a very important exam.

If not for someone like Joshua I would never have wanted to become a leader and I wouldn’t have a heart for service. Arise and Shine Youth Center has helped me to grow and make some positive changes in my life. Thank you so much to Joshua and the training he has received from Youth Ministry International to make a difference in the lives of others.

Joshua Limbu began his youth ministry training with the first group of trainees in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has continued and plans to finish his training through the youth ministry training program in Penang, Malaysia.

Arise and Shine Youth Center empowers local Christian youth from a variety of churches to address the prevailing spiritual, social, and economic needs among Nepali youth within the Bhainsepati community of Kathmandu Valley.

Joshua has already trained youth leaders using some of YMI’s curriculum through the youth center. After completing his training in Penang he would like to offer certificate level training to churches in the Bahinsepati area and beyond.

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