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The Hughes

The Ukrainian government acted wisely in closing borders. Kyiv is close to a complete lock down. Since March 11, only essential places are open. Public transportation is at a standstill. No more than 2 people are allowed to meet together. We could even have to pay a fine if we had guests at our house or if we do not wear a mask outside our home. The kids are home and Melissa is trying to keep everyone clean, fed, sane, and keep our apartment in some semblance of order. The government is especially observant of universities so I can’t go to my office and so I work from home. 5 of us constantly at home in our 2-bedroom apartment can be hairy 🙂 Playgrounds and parks are closed, which is challenging for us apartment-dwelling city people.

It has affected teaching and theological education everywhere. Our partnering seminaries are looking for alternatives. Practically all of our interaction is through the internet. Vasya and I are working through how to adapt classes and projects to an online format. We meet with students individually, continue mentoring relationships, and prepare for courses to be taught in May.  I am learning how to conduct class on Zoom. 

We have been forced to make tough decisions. I cancelled my planned trip to Central Asia to finish setting up a bachelor’s program there. Our evangelistic English camp in June has also been cancelled, along with the American team that was scheduled to come.  We will not be coming back to the USA this summer for our scheduled time in the States. It was especially hard to see the disappointment of our parents, and shucks, now we’ll run out of taco seasoning. On the flip side we do have plenty of toilet paper, Melissa just “accidentally” bought 48 rolls 🙂

Both Jarrett and Evelyna said they are enjoying the extra time as a family and not being so busy.  However, Evelyna wrote an essay for school that sums up the kids’ feelings. “I don’t like quarantine because I am not in school with my teacher and my class. I don’t want to sit at the computer. I want to see Mia and Emily at school. I want to play outside on the playground. I don’t want to wear a mask in the store. I want the quarantine to be over.”  Out of the mouths of babes.

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