Vasyl & Alyona OSTRYi

Serving in Ukraine
Children: Sofia, Vitalina, Veronika & Valeria


Moving into a new, but exciting, role as Director of YMI, Ukraine.


Quickly securing the support needed so that we can fully focus on our ministry.

In 2004, at the recommendation of my pastor, I enrolled in Kyiv Theological Seminary (KTS) and signed up to take the Youth Ministry Program.

 In 2007, I began directing the YMI sponsored Youth Ministry Study Program at Rivne Bible College. After graduating from seminary, Mike Manna, the former YMI Center for Youth Ministry (CYM) director at KTS, started involving me in the teaching of youth ministry classes. Then, in 2012 I was invited to work at KTS as the new CYM Director of the Youth Program. So, my wife, Alyona, and I moved our family to Kiev, which for us was a big step of faith.

 For the past eight years, working with Sam Hughes, YMI’s Eurasia Regional Director, I have trained youth workers for the local church through the seminary while also being active in my church in a suburb if Kiev. From our KTS graduates God has developed a small, but great, team of committed teachers who serve with me.

 I have always loved YMI’s goal to train youth ministers to proclaim the Gospel to young people, disciple them, love them, and to teach them to use their gifts for God’s glory.

This past year I was sensing that God wanted me to do something different. Then Sam presented the idea of joining the YMI fulltime ministry team and becoming the Ukrainian Director. This opportunity was appealing to me for many reasons, and especially because of my friendship with Sam and the love for youth ministry that we share.

Alyona and I prayed and made the decision to be a part of YMI full-time, knowing that we will need to raise our own support. YMI desires to have national leadership in all its fields and my family and I are excited to become the Director of YMI, Ukraine!

I thank the Lord for being accepted by the mission.


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We ask you pray with  us concerning the following:



Please pray as we begin the process of securing financial and prayer support for our ministry in Ukraine.
Pray for our transition to living in Kiev and for the new CYM director at Kyiv Theological Seminary.
Pray for continued direction as we enter this exciting new stage of ministry.