YMI is continually challenging those we train to take the training that they have received from us and then train others (II Timothy 2:2).  It doesn’t end with just the national youth leader. Their challenge is to then train others. And they do.

Josua Ibukunoluwa is a Youth Ministry MA graduate in Nigeria.

Between December 13-18, 2019, I facilitated the training of 15 pastors committed to the leading of youth in the philosophy of Christian Education at the West African Theological Seminary, Lagos. The opportunity was utilized to concentrate on a philosophy of youth ministry. The entire group made commitments to evaluate how they do youth ministry in their various denominations and churches when they returned home. 

Then on January 3, 2020 during the regular youth leadership meeting at Unity Baptist Church, Ogbomoso, Nigeria I led a session on youth ministry planning. The aim was to assist the group in making a better plan for the year’s youth activities in 2020. We had 10 youth leaders in attendance.

 William Abadoo, another Youth Ministry MA graduate in Nigeria wrote:

Last year I gave a seminar on youth ministry at the quarterly meeting of the Associations ministers conference. When I attended the January meeting this year, it was amazing how many people greeted me and said they started implementing information from my seminar last year and that there have been changes in their churches. The leadership had started putting the lecture into practice even before I left! This is my testimony of what God is doing with us through our training with YMI.

The investment that we at YMI make into the lives of these national youth leaders is not intended to end with them. YMI is very much committed to investing in the next generation of youth workers around the world.  We desire to train these young men and women in youth ministry, so that they are better equipped to minister to the youth in their churches and communities wherever they live.

In Christ
Frank Mills YMI Africa Director

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