Samuel, the director of the Nigerian Baptist Convention Youth Department, is one of 23 students taking Youth Ministry International’s newest Master’s degree program.

As Samuel states, YMI’s programs are designed to have an impact beyond the walls of the classroom and into the lives of young people around the world. As we train local church youth workers, our desire is that they will reach the next generation with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

He recently wrote to us concerning how the program is impacting youth ministry throughout his country:

 “Thank God for what He is using you (YMI) to do all over the world. Knowing you are at the centre of God’s purpose is enough motivation to make you forge ahead.

“The fire you kindle has started to burn in Nigeria. As you always emphasize in class, this teaching is not meant for class or academic purpose; the wind is blowing beyond the four walls of the classroom. Some of us are already applying the lessons beyond the demand of our class assignments. We are not really after class grades but how to impact our generation. The magic is that the more we venture into carrying out the class assignments the more interest we develop for the ministry.

“For example, I met my church youth leaders yesterday and they have already started to feel the sense of revival. The truth is that I have never seen and been passionate about youth ministry like this before.

“This is one of the most practical courses I have taken in all my theological training (about 10 years). I look forward to being at your meeting in November to let you know how God has sent you to set us ‘on fire’ in Africa to accomplish His purpose.

Please continue to pray for Samuel and the other students in the program, as well as Youth Ministry International’s professors and staff, as we continue the classroom training sessions and the ministry application portions of the program.

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