The last three months have been focused on support for our team of trainers in Ukraine which have been affected by the war with Russia. One highlight was the opportunity for my wife Sonnet and I to travel to Bucharest Romania and work with our Romania and Ukraine teams in the refugee relief. A second highlight has been managing and distributing the Ukrainian Relief Fund which raised over $100,000 for refugee work and for trainer income relief.

The Barr Family

Serving at the YMI Home Office,

After being appointed with YMI 5 years ago and being delayed from moving due to COVID, we have now safely landed in Asia! Praise God! For the last year, we have been serving in an interim ministry placement in Los Angeles and  teaching virtually over Zoom. The life of our trainers is always full of “hellos” and “goodbyes.” Pray for us as we have said our  “goodbye”  to L.A. and our family in Kentucky, but now say “hello” to new things.

The Grom Family

Serving in Asia,

The last few months have been intense as we have tried to help out as much as possible with Ukrainians arriving in Romania. This has given us the opportunity to see our churches, students, and ministry partners step up in this time of crisis. We have opportunities for our “normal” ministry in the coming weeks including seminary graduation and helping plan and speaking at our church’s summer youth camp.

The Hinton Family

Serving in Romania,

The war in Ukraine taught us to be ready to respond to the needs of our Ukrainian trainers and their families. At a moment’s notice a family could leave or be sent to us to care for them. Thanks to all who donated to the “Ukrainian Relief Fund” that allows us to do this and supplement our Ukrainian trainers’ living expenses, so they can be a light in these dark times.  We all covet your prayers for Ukraine!

The Hughes Family

Serving in Ukraine,

We are excited about possibilities for the future. We continue to pray for a way back into Asia to join our teammates, the Groms. Our family is currently attending a debrief in North Carolina, our first debrief in over 20 years. Pray that our time together will refresh us and recharge us post-pandemic for the ministry road ahead.

The Kaptain Family

Serving in Asia,

What if you were given the opportunity, by God, to have Him say to you as He did to King Solomon: “Ask for whatever you want Me to give to you.” What a moment for young King Solomon! Could I please ask you to spend some serious time, in prayer in the coming days, seeking Him with this thought: “Lord, I come to You and ask You, on behalf of YMI, for ___________________. In Christ, Frank and Karen

The Mills Family

Serving in Missionary Care,

By God’s grace, we have started five volunteer centers to help refugees in need. One center was located in Borodyanka. We invited teenage volunteers and seminary graduates to start the center with hopes of it eventually developing into a church plant. Please pray for each of our Ukrainian trainers.

The Ostriy Family

Serving in Ukraine,

Pray for the fruits of the Heart Beats youth festival to be abundant. Praise God for the Romanian churches that have stepped up at this time to serve the Ukrainian people. We have been blessed to serve alongside them. Every person in our family is extremely busy and we would like to be present and intentional as we are entering our final year with Brady at home.

The Rice Family

Serving in Romania,